What is Wood Refreshing & How it can be Beneficial in Home Improvement

Wood refinishing is a simple process that involves removing the exterior of the wood and its color, then applying a new coating to restore the exterior. It can be done on most wood types: oak, pine, maple, cherry, cedar, and teak.

All different types of wood have different properties. Some materials are harder than others. Some woods stain better than others. And there are different methods of refinishing each type of wood.

Wood that is used for furniture is also called refinished hardwood. The outer finish of this type of wood is often referred to as natural. This finish is either powder or liquid applied. Powder is more commonly used. There are some types of furniture that require a more difficult, more expensive process of refinishing, called semi-finished.

There are three basic methods of refinishing all types of wood. The first method is called plain. The next method is called hard sanding and finishing. And the third method is called veneering.

Wood is much more weather resistant when it is finished with a clear finish, like oil. However, if you use oil, you will need to repaint your wood every few years. This is because oil paints won’t stay on the wood. Even though refacing your wood with a clear coat will cost more, it will last longer and resist weather and extreme temperatures.

The final step of refinishing is veneering. Veneering is the same process as refinishing. But instead of using oil to finish, you use a bonding agent. This borders the surface of the wood so that you can take it off.

Refinishing takes patience. It is not something that you can do once in a while. You must allow the wood to dry completely before you will even consider removing the protective finish. Also, you must allow the board to sit for about six months before you will be able to refinish it.

If you want to learn how to refinish wood, you should visit one of the many home improvement stores in your area. You can find a number of books on wood refinishing.