Custom LED Signs Flexible Signage Solutions

The use of custom LED (light emitting diode) signage, especially in metropolitan areas, is fast becoming a norm to enhance and increase customer and consumer engagement. Retail stores seem to be allying their advertising capital to LED technology in order to trade their outdated marketing collateral for newer, more contemporary forms of advertising. There’s no longer a stigma associated with opting for digital advertising when it comes to business-to-business or business-to-consumer ventures. It’s been widely accepted for years that businesses should take advantage of digital signage to boost their bottom line. Now that retail signage is experiencing this surge in popularity, companies who have not yet begun to embrace the modern means of advertising will miss out on the opportunity to increase customer interest and sales.


LED signs are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs that can be customized with text, graphics, or both. They are also manufactured in numerous colors, allowing them to complement nearly any type of interior design and concept. Custom LED signs are becoming an increasingly popular choice for companies in need of a flexible and energy efficient form of marketing signage.


The most popular method for custom LED signs is called flex. The flex method utilizes the flexible metal substrate of traditional display signs to create a slim line or slim spot that is illuminated from all angles. When the display sign is first installed, it will be evaluated to determine the most optimal configuration. Once this has been determined, the sign fabricator will create a full-color graphical display, utilizing as many as 300 individually controlled lights to enhance any area of the sign or to highlight special features or imagery. Flex can also be set to cycle through all of the colors or to come on only one color at a time, allowing for a quick, one-time preview of the design.


Companies that want to take advantage of custom led signs have several options. One popular option is to utilize cloud-based signage software. Cloud-based software allows companies to not only manage their own signs but to also display them on-demand. The flexibility of cloud-based software makes it possible for companies to make changes to their sign designs without needing to completely re-install the software or reconfigure their physical space.


Using a combination of traditional indoor display signs and outdoor signs, companies can display messages like “urgent notice” or “passed inspection”. Some sign fabricators offer a full range of customizable signage solutions, complete with fully customized signs, flexible mounting options, and even LED backlighting, which creates a dynamic effect while lighting up the sign. Custom LED signs may be used to communicate with any number of special information or incentives, including hotel reservations, real estate listings, and schedule announcements.


In order to meet their various signage needs, sign fabricators must work closely with clients in order to find out what their business and customer needs are. Sign fabricators must evaluate each client’s message needs and choose to create a solution that complements the message. They must also evaluate the dimensions and shape of the sign to be created in order to make sure the sign fits the space and then determine if they need to utilize a remote mounting kit or if they can modify the hardware. Once all the components are ordered and setup, customers can expect their custom led signs to arrive in just a few days.